Advertising campaigns

Do you want to increase your brand awareness, generate more targeted website visitors or simply sell more in your (online) shop?

We take advertising very seriously. Via Facebook, Instagram or Google. Creative professional campaigns with results. Time for measurable results and a really useful plan of action. Wondering how it can work for you?

Google Ads

Google Search, Google Display, YouTube… Call it Google ads.  An enormous added value to make your company visible to the right target group. More online sales, quote requests or completed contact forms… With a measurable result.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns are staples in today’s campaigns because they are still so successful . Targeting the exact right audience with a creative quip & knowing exactly what your return on investment is? That’s what we can offer you. 

Customers say

Unlikely success.

Steven & his team made sure the opening of our new business was an unlikely success! Thanks!!!!!

Rozanne, Honda Mertens

I received half a day of one on one training from Steven around Facebook advertising. His knowledge, tips and advice have been incredibly useful to me ever since. For my own business and that of my clients. Do you have a question or a problem afterwards? And I get Steven on the phone personally to help me find my way around. This is a marketing expert of few words but effective action. And that is rare.

Jeroen Caluwé, Copy That
Correct, open, to the point.

“I’m very glad I came across Steven & The Online Builders. Being a busy therapist where you focus on the patient leaves out marketing and social media and all the rest and you can’t really grow. I was working on it for a while but it was far from optimal. We were just doing something without a goal in mind. And for that you need the right people in the right place. Sometimes it takes four years before you find someone who is on the same wavelength and can really take you further. Sometimes I had to hit the wall three times before I saw an opening in the whole thing. You have no alternative… That’s the hard part. Now I’m super satisfied. To put it bluntly and summarize what I appreciate: Correct, openness, sincerity, to the point, with a goal in mind, structured and very helpful.

Clearly passionate and through his love of the craft, he pushes people forward in their existence as a business and entrepreneur. I have gotten peace of mind from it and make great progress each month. This allows me to focus on my core business. You can feel that people appreciate it. For me, it’s a revelation to have people who stand and work beside me and can think along with the story. It’s 1 word. T-O-P.”

Thorbjörn De Brul, Topsportadvies

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