Rank higher in Google?

Get found better in Google by having your website optimized. Let our expertise assist you! Getting to the first place in the search results is not easy. 

Our approach usually starts with a thorough SEO analysis in which we give you a clear starting report. From there we continue optimizing and building a long-term approach.

Scoring higher in Google: how?

How do I improve my site for search engines? More than 200 factors determine whether you will be shown at the top of the search results or not. Ultimately, you have a lot of control, although this can be a very time-consuming and long-term process to achieve a perfect result.  The bottom line is that you must at least do better than your competition. So what exactly are these factors?

Roughly you can distinguish 3 groups of factors: 

Technical factors

Does your website load fast enough on mobile? Is the code behind the website clean and organized? Is there a clear structure of pages? Is your website system google friendly?

Content factors (Texts, pictures, ...)

Content factors are also very important. What keywords / search terms are being used? Are all texts and image optimized? Is the website user friendly? All questions that need to be asked to make the website content better.

Factors outside your website

In addition to your own website, there are also external factors. For example, Google estimates your website authority based on ‘backlinks’ or external links to your website. The more links from important websites & platforms, the more important your website is considered.

Curious how you can score higher in Google?
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